VIDEO 1 : PosetasticApp – All Art, Play and Save Modes – 12 mins

VIDEO 2 : PosetasticApp – All Posing Tools Quick Guide – 10 mins


  • Rotate Camera: To rotate camera around the figure – press and drag in on empty space in the scene.
  • Centre Camera on a joint: Double Tap to centre on the Posable Mannequins.
  • Zoom: two finger pinch on the screen.
  • Pan: touch 3 fingers down to move left/right, up/down.


  • ORB: Select part and use the Track Ball on the Right To Rotate and Twist
    • Pull: Pull on a joint directly to see it move. You’ll be pulling on an invisible sphere which has the equator at the joint’s center so pulling closer to the joint gives will hep you twist it more and if you pull further from the joint you’ll have bigger directional movement.
    • To limit the joint rotation in a particular plane please use Discs mode.
  • DISC: Select part and use Discs to Rotate – drag in along the edge of the Disc in the desire direction.
  • SETS: Hands and Torso per joint control – super detailed and awesome!
  • MODELS: Choose between 3 Rigged and 5 Static Reference Models. More to come in future updates.
  • * EXPORT A SIMPLE ‘Quin’ MESH as OBJ: (*’Email Mesh’ button will only appear next to ‘Model’ button in the upper left corner of the main menu when any of the Quin L/M/S base model buttons are pressed – see image bellow.*) Once you are happy with the pose you can export a simplified mesh out as an OBJ file ready for import into any modeling, sculpting or animation software. Obj export only for Quin simple/base meshes for the moment.


  • ART: Choose and adjust lighting, materials, backgrounds, props and effects.
    • Sun: Adjust the lighting by rotating the track ball. Choose between 1 Main light, 2 Contrast lights (red and blue) and line light. You can turn shadows on/off by pressing on ‘x’ under Main and Contrast light options.
    • Materials: Apply different materials to the models. Note: some materials are not affected by the Sun options.
    • Backgrounds: Choose between a number of coloured backgrounds and comic book frames.
    • Props: Contains options for turning on and off the floor, perspective lines and other scene props.
    • FX: Enable special effects. More option for each individual effect are coming soon.
  • RESET: If the Joint has been moved a reset dot will be available. Press on the Yellow dots to reset that joint to Zero.
  • MOVE: Move pose-able rigged mannequins along the ground or up and down.
  • POSE: Press ‘More’ button for options to Save and Play saved poses. Orange circles allow selection of poses for animated pose-to-pose slideshow and emailing.
    • THUMBNAILS: Poses appear in the thumbnails after they’ve been saved – press ‘More’ to go to Save options. You can quickly navigate the thumbnails with arrows and page slider.
      • To assume the pose in the thumbnail – press on thumbnail.
      • To mix or blend current and desired pose – click and drag upward/downward on the thumbnail.
  • SAVE: Press to give the pose a unique name. You can also overwrite poses.
  • EMAIL: Touch the orange circles above the pose (thumbnail) images to select and deselect desired poses in any order. Press Email @ icon to send the full screen image, it’s associated thumbnail and the pose data from your email client on the iPad. You can use this to back up and share your artworks with others. (more or sharing poses soon)
  • PLAY :
  1. Select the poses you’d like play through by pressing on the orange buttons above them and use All, None and Inverse to modify the selection.
  2. Play through the previously selected poses – press‘Loop’ to cycles through the selection repeatedly, and press ‘Once’ to animate through the pose set on time.
  3. Choose the speed of the pose-to-pose slideshow based on Beats Per Minute – useful for VJing and dance choreography.
  4. Choose a blend style between each pose – it’s ‘easing’- to achieve an instant, staccato or smooth animation effect.
  • FRAMES: To see the ‘in-betweens’ of the current and target poses first just click or drag on the desired pose thumbnail and then choose how many segments you want to visualize – film speed is 24 frames per second – so pressing on +/- in the 24 section will let you step through each of the 24 poses that would make up that 1 second of animation between current and you chosen target pose.


  • UNDO: go back/forward 1 step, play through steps and got to start/end
  • STOCK POSES: Growing selection of pre-made poses for the whole body.
  • SYMMETRY: As long as one side or the other has some rotation to it, you can flip or copy it to the other side per body part or for all parts.
  • STOCK HANDS: Growing selection of pre-made hand poses – make sure to press ‘Accept’ if you wish the selection to remain when you exit this mode.
  • ORBIT: press the icon to orbit around the centre point.

….to be continued.