What it feels like be an indie app dev.

Super close now to releasing the app! The ‘Scrat’ image shows brilliantly what it feels like climb the epic mountain on the way to indie game dev heaven. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that 😉

Almost there!

Only a few days to go till I sent the app to the AppStore. 3 years of pure development + 2 years learning the ropes are about to reach a resolution of sorts. Yet – this is just the beginning.

I’m learning to negotiate all the variables – like being short on rent in 4 days, being utterly burned out and having not seen the outside world for years.

‘Art takes sacrifice’, they say. Well, I feel that the contrasting experience of last half a decade or more have inspired in me the desire to stop the sacrifice and just do the art.

Self employment and development will surely test you. What matters is how you respond to it. For every pound of pressure you have to expand to the same degree – create anti-pressure by focusing on clarity, simplicity, happiness and joy. I don’t know if this come because I feel I’ve paid my dues to the development blues or because it’s in my nature to be optimistic – but, I look forward to the next 3 years of awesome!