Superb Productivity Value, Crowd Funding and Donations.

Just starting to update the blog after months of positively challenging work schedule ūüôā

I finally feel¬†ready to look for backers to sail Posetastic app of awesomenss into the big wild world of conventions and marketing! It’s no longer just an idea on a napkin that’s for sure, nor has the chicken hatched, yet! Any suggestion or assistance is absolutely most welcome!

I don’t have time to run a massive crowd funding campaign and have taken Posetastic almost all the way to release by my self without¬†cash flow¬†power ups¬†– and yes, I now proudly¬†represent the indie+inventor archetype, and beans never tasted so good, not! ūüôā¬†In the future I’ll start writing about how to survive and thrive through years of positively challenging app/game/art development and then some¬†ūüôā¬†

I now feel that it offers amazing art value and quality to fellow artist and it’s OK to ask for backing to assist and catalyze awareness of this app and help with its future development – so I’ve set up a super awesome donation button of pure awesomeness on the site bellow !!! I can almost taste the delicious baked beans of success on Mars!!!

“If it’s got an ass, I’ll kick it!” Not!

Star date, Tuesday.

“If it’s got an ass, I’ll kick it!” I keep saying to myself while having my ass kicked at 6.30 AM. I’m so knackered¬†that my mouse¬†starts to¬†clicking in slow motion. Suddenly, ¬†I¬†bump into¬†a solution – like a blind cat bumping on a dead mouse, in the dark.

The frustration of thousands hours and 3 long years of trying to grab it and wrestle it to the ground converts into pure energy.¬†For a nanosecond hope that Great Britain and parts of France will forgive me for disturbing their slumber. ūüėā

It was a syntax error – I’d missed one letter – ‘s’¬†–¬†I give up, I give up, I give up. “What are you trying to universe?!”, I pontificate frantically, ¬†as the universe smirks and Mona Lisa smiles.


Please Join the Beta for Posetastic App of Awesomeness!!!

It’s very close to¬†being submitted to that AppStore¬†and is ready to assist you, both in your art-work and art-play¬†during it’s¬†Beta¬†development stage!

Looking forward to your feedback!

Get in touch through the email if you want to join or find out more! Connect through Twitter and Facebook too!!!

Mark – the designer!