Live Testing of Posetastic App

Recently, I’ve been using Posetastic app for both Life Drawing and for capturing a Flamenco Dance Performance. The overall experience is super positive – being able to create very detailed interactive pose references is just awesome!

During Life Drawing,  I found 1-5 minute poses to be great way to test the app. I realized that posing so quickly isn’t as fluent as I’d like it to be – so I’m refining the tools to work more intuitively, speeding up the the posing process.

The Symmetry tool is a real treat!

A few days ago I drew some gesture sketches at a live flamenco dance performance and then transferred the drawings into Posetastic with the dancer’s advice and attention to detail – amazing!

I’ve also visited some dance schools in London and there is clear interest in using the app for choreography, both in teaching and professional performance.

Bumped into some fashion designers, art students, comic book artists and animators who are very keen to pose fantastic!


… back to visual scripting now, not long now till the final version is here 🙂




2 thoughts on “Live Testing of Posetastic App

  1. Hello I just find your idea and app interesting, I take my art and designs to my Nvidia Shield tablet (Android OS) any chances of seen this app porting to android for us Digital Artist?

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